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Ancient Egypt

This site, courtesy of the British Museum, will teach you everything you wanted to know about the mysterious world of Ancient Egypt.  Learn about how ancient Egyptians lived, the mummification process, Gods and Goddesses and much more!




Middle School



This site gives you a first person account of historical events through the eyes of those who lived it.


Middle School



The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory

Learn about one of the most famous fires in history and how the great city of Chicago, our city, was rebuilt.  This site offers historical facts, eyewitness accounts, and pictures of the fire.



Middle School




The History Channel

If you’re curious about what happened on a particular day in history, this site will help you find out.  You can also hear famous speeches or research a particular decade in depth.




Middle School





History Place

If you are looking for information on a number of historical events, you don't want to miss this site!  Packed with information on subjects like the Civil War, Presidents of the United States, Adolf Hitler, and the Irish Potato Famine, you will surely find some useful information about events in history!





Middle School





Notable Women Ancestors

Learn about famous and obscure women from history on this site.  You can find out information about witches, queens, Native American princesses, authors, and many more.  The site also offers links to other women's history web pages.





Middle School



SmartFun Online

This website provides an interactive timeline for you to explore.  You can do things like go on a Model T road trip or investigate the lives of a colonial family.




Middle School


Zoom Explorers

Learn all about world explorers throughout history at this site!

Middle School



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