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Rronaldo Wishes You a Happy Spring!

Spring is here and Rronaldo wanted to wish all his library friends a great start to spring!

The Easter Bunny by Rupert S. Holland

On Easter morning we children run

Out to the orchard in the sun,

Out to the apple and peach trees there,

Where the Easter Bunny has his lair.


Each of us children has a tree—

An old crab-apple belongs to me;

And in the trunk there’s a hole so wide

I can easily get my hand inside.


Each hole has a nest of twigs and leaves,

Like those the swallows build in the eaves,

And tucked away in my nest I find

The eggs that the Bunny has left behind.


Little round eggs of many a hue,

Red and pink and white and blue,

And the Easter eggs are good to eat,

They’re made of candy and very sweet.


Kind Mister Rabbit hid them away

Where we could find them on Easter Day;

But no matter how fast we children race,

Of Bunny himself we’ve seen no trace.


Though once when I quickly turned around,

After the Easter eggs I’d found,

I thought I saw a cotton-tail jump

Back of a berry and grape-vine clump.

~From Julie Andrews' Treasury For All Seasons Selected by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton (J808.81 JUL)



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