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Rronaldo Wishes You a Happy School Year!

Rronaldo is excited to go back to school and wants to wish all his library friends a good start to the school year! While reading some books in the library, he came across a silly poem he wanted to share with you from the book, The Goof Who Invented Homework and Other School Poems by Kalli Dakos (J811.54 DAK).


Your attention please...

For lunch today there is soup and grilled cheese,

Hamburgers, salad, and five thousand peas.

The door to the boys' room is stuck again,

Will someone let out the custodian?

The ceiling is leaking in class twenty-two,

We're sending umbrellas up to you.

A bag in the office is starting to squirm,

If you are the owner, please come get your worms.

A rooster is lost in the school today,

Oops! I forgot. The third-grade play...

Will be in the theatre at quarter past three,

We need the principal--where can she be?

She's chasing the rooster down the hall,

Please come to the office, Mrs. Rawl!




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