Remote Printing

The library just set up a new service that allows you to print from any computer or a wireless device, whether you’re in the building, at home, visiting a relative, or anywhere with wireless or cellular data access.  Read on for more details and instructions.

You can send your print jobs to the library in either of two ways:

Option 1:  Upload your document or enter a web address to our service, and after a few steps, the document will be added to the print station in our Adult Services department. The web address for the printing service is For those interested in printing from a smartphone, apps for Android, Apple IOS (iPad and iPhone), and Blackberry are available at or from the respective app stores.

Option 2:  You may submit a print job by emailing that document to the following addresses:

Black and White Printer :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Color Printer :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Any file attached (within the limitations of the service) will be printed along with the actual email. They will show up as separate print jobs, using the sender’s email address as the name of the person submitting the job.

This printing service supports over 100 file formats, including:

    Microsoft Word
    Microsoft Excel
    Microsoft PowerPoint
    Microsoft Visio
    Adobe PDF
    ***Publisher documents are NOT supported, and there may be others that have not been indicated, but most standard formats are allowed.  For those wishing to print Publisher documents, they must first be converted to another format (PDF, Word, jpg, etc.) before they can be printed.

 Final Notes:

    Print jobs generally take less than a minute to appear at the print station once your receive your confirmation.
    Print costs are the same as for jobs sent from our computers; $0.10 for black and white and $0.25 for color – per page.
    Documents will stay in our system for up to four (4) hours.


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